Meet the 2022 Cliburn Competition’s Winners and Our Own Guests of Honor

Meet the 2022 Cliburn Competition’s Winners and Our Own Guests of Honor

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After 17 days, the 2022 Cliburn Competition in Fort Worth, Texas reached its climax and delivered an extraordinary show of talent and passion. On June 18th, we finally got to meet the winners of this acclaimed competition– not only those of us in the distance (our team couldn’t attend this year) but also the lucky winners of our most recent giveaway.

Besides the thousands who attended the competition’s events for over two weeks, 8.5 million viewers from 170 countries watched the talented pianists playing live. 

Gold Medalist: Yuncham Lim

Yuncham Lim from South Korea won the gold medal after an extraordinary display of talent. At 18 years old, he became the youngest winner in the Cliburn Competition history. Below you can watch his performance during the finals. You can also learn more about Yuncham Lim on the Cliburn Competition website by clicking here.

Silver Medalist: Anna Geniushene

A more seasoned pianist, Anna Geniushene was born in Russia and has been playing for years in some of the most important venues in the world. Anna graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in 2015 and got her Master’s from the Royal Academy of Music of London in 2018. You can learn more about Anna Genuishene here and also watch her performance below.

Bronze Medalist: Dmytro Choni

The winner of the bronze medal was Dmytro Choni from Ukraine. This very talented pianist has been perfecting his practice since the early age of 4 and shares that he gave a life-changing performance when he was 14. At this point, he says, his artistic journey changed. After that, he became a prizewinner at nearly 20 international piano competitions. Learn more about Dmytro here and also enjoy his performance at the Cliburn Competition above.

The Experience of Our Winners

We are also very happy to share that four lucky attendants got to enjoy the 2022 Cliburn Competition finals and award ceremony in person in Fort Worth, Texas.

A couple of weeks ago, we organized a giveaway on the Hidrau social media profiles (you can see our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages here) for everyone to participate for a chance to win. The prize? Two tickets each for two lucky winners. Bart Morrison and John Paul Espiritu ended up being the winners of our giveaway and they flew into Fort Worth for the show.

They had a wonderful time and were kind enough to share some photos of the night with us.